The Amazing Origins of Food

Do you ever day dream about the oddest things?

I do and in this case it’s food, probably because I’m hungry and can’t wait to eat.

I was thinking about how certain foods came into being, breadĀ for example. Or any item like that, cake, biscuits etc.

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Home Brew “Lager” – Bottling and Storage


Bottling is an important part of creating a home brew beer and one which can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of the beer depending on the care taken and timing of the bottling process.

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Home Brew “Lager” – Primary Fermentation

Primary fermentation

Primary fermentation is where the bulk of the magic happens, the beer will be fermenting away, with the yeasts consuming the sugar and producing heaps of CO2 and alcohol. This is also the stage at which the majority of the flavour of the beer is decided, and as such is also the area where the flavour can be messed up.

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