How To: DIY Traditional solid rivets using nails and hand tools

Hey everyone,

Today I have guide for using nails as traditional solid rivets. Useful in an assortment of situations, mainly crafts projects in my case. The method requires no special tools and is easy and relatively quick, lovely!

16 finished.JPG

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How To: Join Wires Without Soldering

A nice quick but handy one today – ever been in a situation where you can’t or don’t want to use solder but still need to form a decent, strong and permanent wire join?

It’s pretty common when working on cars and motorbikes in garages that don’t have power, or even out on the road after a breakdown etc.

This type of repair is low-profile, neat, strong and unlikely to need replacing and can sometimes be preferred  to a soldered joint.
Side note: Soldered joints are not used in motorsport as the solder makes the wires brittle and more likely to snap due to vibrations.

Alternative to this method you can substitute the heat shrink for electrical tape, although this is much less preferred, less neat and far less strong but can be used as a last resort if need be.

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How To: Shrink an O-Ring or Gasket

Hey Everyone,

Another How-To here today that could hopefully help you out if you ever find that a gasket or o-ring has ever expanded in use and won’t go back where it’s supposed to.

The example I have is a float bowl gasket from the Mikuni carburettor of a Honda CG125.
Upon stripping the car down to re-jet and clean the carb for my cafe racer project I found that the float bowl gasket had absorbed some fuel and expanded and it wouldn’t go back into it’s groove again, and nobody likes being out of the groove.
This leaves us with a few options.

gasket 1.jpg
Mikuni Carb with float bowl removed

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The Unwritten Workplace Door-Holding Etiquette

There are many of us who work in offices, factories and building that you often think have too many doors.
Too many doors is a problem, especially if your workplace has many employees.

How many times have you held a door for someone?
How many times has someone held one for you?
Between my desk and the sweet outside there are 4 doors, and about 80 people and it’s even worse if I have to actually go anywhere within the building itself.
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