Home Brew “Lager”

Being a young man I do like to partake in the consumption of beer, alongside this I also like to make things and do things myself and save money in doing so.beer-438463_640 Hence when perusing a local Wilko store and I came upon the equipment to brew your own beer, I decided I would take the plunge.

There were kits available but a quick look over the required equipment made me think I would be better off buying the items individually. The items required were as follows:

25L Fermenting Bin



Bottle Brush

Long Handled Plastic Spoon


Trial Jar


Bottle Caps


Bottle Capper (Twin Lever, better than the hit-on type available in the kits)

Carbonation Drops/ Sugar

Air Lock/ Bubbler

Brew Malts/ Sugar

and finally the Light Golden Lager Kit

Total Cost: £57.45

(Not including bottles, you will see why)

To Be Continued…

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