Home Brew “Lager” Overview

Before getting into the technical side of brewing, let’s have a bit of background to make the parts that come later make more sensebeer-932994_640

Firstly I keep referring to this home brew kit as a “lager” although in fact it is not a lager. A true lager uses a type of yeast that ferments from the bottom of the liquid, whereas an Ale type yeast floats about on top. Another key difference these two different yeasts have is the temperature at which they ferment.
Ale yeasts are typically happiest at around 18-20DegC, whereas lager yeasts are happier at around 10DegC. This also leads to lager yeasts typically taking longer to ferment due to the lower temperatures.

The kit I possess contains ale-type yeast and is fermented at room temperature which is generally easier to achieve as opposed to a constant 10DegC.

Anyway, moving on, the brewing of beer for one of these kits can be split into several stages:

  1. Preparation
  2. Primary Fermentation
  3. Secondary Fermentation (Optional)
  4. Bottling
  5. Warm Bottle Storage
  6. Cold Bottle Storage

Click on the above links to see the separate posts, as one large post containing all relevant information is likely to be quite unwieldy!


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