The Amazing Origins of Food

Do you ever day dream about the oddest things?

I do and in this case it’s food, probably because I’m hungry and can’t wait to eat.

I was thinking about how certain foods came into being, bread for example. Or any item like that, cake, biscuits etc.

I was pondering this today, who first invented these items and how? It’s quite a odd process when you think about it, you need to grind wheat into flour (doesn’t seem very intuitive to me!), mix it with water and maybe salt (another item that doesn’t exactly grow on trees), then cook for a reasonable amount of time.

Seems pretty difficult when I could just eat some berries, fruit or veg, or maybe even go out and find some meat or fish.

Beer is another one, its a fairly convoluted process to make beer and probably doesn’t happen by accident. I am constantly amazed by the smallest thoughts and food and drink are just one of them.


A final closing point: isn’t it funny that we, as a species, are lazy enough to have developed ‘easy peel’ oranges and seedless grapes.


6 thoughts on “The Amazing Origins of Food

  1. I bet some scholarly people have written books on these topics! The next time I bake bread, I will think about ancient people grinding wheat into flour.


  2. YES! My family has been working on clean eating and sometimes the kids pick up a packaged product and ask to buy it. Together we look at the ingredients and I often wonder how all of those preservatives came to be! Also coloring- pretty crazy. I read a great book about eating local called Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. Pretty neat! I wonder how they looked at certain things and thought- should I taste this or not? I couldn’t imagine looking at a cow and thinking… hmmmm.. that may taste good!

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    1. Well I guess the cave men had a lot of time to spare and not a lot to eat!
      On a tangent I love the ‘How Its Made’ TV series as there is a lot of work to produce even the most simple household goods nowadays and the hsow gives a great insight!

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      1. Yes, I think necessity must have sparked a lot. My husband works at a small gourmet grocery and it’s really cool to hear how many local items they bring in and process.
        I also love watching the science behind making food and am amazed but it all!


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