Review: Bahco File Set

wp-image-780747115jpg.jpgI finally caved in the other day and bought myself a new set of files.
This day had been long overdue as my previous set was a very cheap and weren’t great to begin with. Several years later, all that remained of the initial set of three I had was 2/3 of a half-round file which had snapped at some point along the way.

I have had good experience with Bahco tools previously and actually used one of their files back in my Formula Student days at University, so I was vaguely aware of the quality of tool I was getting.

I also stipulated to myself that the new set must have at least a corse and fine flat file and a half-round file, anything else is a bonus. These requirements lead to me picking this Set of 5 Bahco files from amazon.wp-image-1918260731jpg.jpg

I was not disappointed when they arrived, as per usual Amazon were very quick in shipping them to me. The files are well presented etc. but we don’t really care about that, the main thing is do they work, and how well do they work!

I have to say they go through metal in a much nicer way that my previous files and also simultaneously leave a much nicer surface finish. Just running your fingers across them you can tell they are ‘sharp’ as opposed to my old dull files.wp-image-1122727257jpg.jpg

The handles are comfortable and look to be durable, and are also available separately. The files themselves are also available without handles should you break one etc.
This set also has the benefit of coming with a roll bag to keep the files in which is a nice touch.



The flat files also come with a ‘safe’ side, that is a side which does not have teeth on it. This feature is very useful when trying to file something without damaging nearby surfaces and is a feature you don’t even realise you needed until you have tried files with it!


On the whole there isn’t too much to say about them, except if you are in the market for some metal files they are worth considering!


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