What’ll it be?

When I started this blog at the end of last year, I never had a goal in mind about what I would do with it.

I never set targets, I never had a target audience, I never had posts that I could or couldn’t post, I never had a schedule. This blog is, and always has been, a bit of a free-for-all.

The bar was set low. In fact, so low that if the bar were to physically exist it would probably be lying on the ground (more than likely in the back of my garage covered in wood chips and metal filings, if I hadn’t cut it up and repurposed it in the meantime).

But I had a think (always a dangerous thing to do, that thinking business), and in my think I did thunk, what if my blog had a purpose? Home-Simpson-Thinking-Vector-Image.png

What, realistically, would or could I achieve if I followed these “18 steps to getting a zillion followers” type posts?

They typically suggest that you need to find a niche, a target audience, a theme – focussing the disco ball of light that is my blog into a laser beam.

What would be my focus? Well that’s easy, it’s your most important hobby they say.
Maybe that’s easy if you eat, sleep and live knitting for example, or spend all day cycling and all night talking and writing about cycling. Perhaps you even spend all of your free time cooking!

But what about me, what do I write about? I have no singular ‘favourite’ hobby, I have to clear ‘go-to’ topic, and I am certainly not a master of anything (well on paper I am technically a ‘Master’ of engineering, but I certainly wouldn’t call myself a master!).


For now I think I will stop thinking, mainly due to the steam coming from my ears, but also because I have no clear direction for now. Perhaps in the future I may find my way, but for now I think I will keep stumbling through life without worrying too much!

But here is a question to you, fair reader, you hath made it this far so I think you should have a say! (Not you Mr. SkipToTheLastLine, go back up and read the lot!)
What do you enjoy about my blog? What do you dislike about by blog? Let me know in the comments below, be kind, be harsh (I have thick skin), but above all tell the truth! I might have missed the memo about how to be ‘cool’ but with your help I might just get there yet!


Life is a road, full of turn-offs, short sprints and long runs,
We’ll deal with it as it comes,
If I lose my way I’ll follow you,
Cos today’s like yesterday I guess tomorrow will do,

Hilltop Hoods – Tomorrow will do


7 thoughts on “What’ll it be?

  1. I love your sense of humour, and I love that your posts are often short. I don’t mean short in the sense I’m pleased I haven’t got to read much of it, quite the opposite, but that your posts are just the right length to make me look forward to read them! Unlike some blogs, which are about 1000 words with no images either.

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    1. Thanks Georgie, I think the main reason for my short posts is my short attention span, if I cant stay interested how can I expect anyone else to? Plus I know what you mean about images, even if they don’t really add very much to the post at least it makes a wall of text look slightly less daunting!

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