CG125 Cafe Racer Project: Part 3

It’s been a while since my last update so I thought I best update your of my progress. The bike has officially started coming back together rather than being taken apart and it is now starting to look more like a bike again rather than a pile of parts!

Big steps forward have been made since my last update.

The frame and swing arm have been painted, I chose a nice satin black to mimic the look of professional powder coated items (but sprayed using rattle cans to reduce cost!). The downside of rattle can paint is that it is less durable than powder coating would be, but on the upside it is much cheaper and actually easier to repair should it chip – simple sand back and spray the affected area. The satin finish is quite good at hiding areas which have been re-sprayed over.


The wheel centres and spokes have been coated in the same satin black with the chrome rims kept as they are. This was done quickly without disassembling the wheels to save time. In future the tyres will be replaced and at the same time I will disassemble the wheels, re-spray the centres and replace the spokes. But for now the quick and dirty job will do!


I also sprayed the forks, handlebars and triple clamps in a matte black finish (couldn’t all be satin!). I’m hoping that by using several different types of black the bike won’t look like it fell into a container of paint!

Once the wheels, forks and frame were painted it was time to start thinking about getting the bike back on it’s wheels – easier said than done. The headset bearings were feeling a little notchy so new ones were order from China as this is a strictly budget build and time is on our side. And as always, apologies about the state of my garage, I will tidy it one day!


But once the bearings arrived the bike could be put back on it’s feet (wheels) again. This really is a big checkpoint and not just because I can sit on it and make engine noises whilst pushing myself around the street, but because now the reassembly could begin in earnest!


Why not check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t already!

One thought on “CG125 Cafe Racer Project: Part 3

  1. How’s the bike coming along? An informative and worthy blog. I especially liked your design brief of form over function on a tight budget. You did promise a break down of cost on completion. I look forward to that. I thought the original tank showed promise so maybe a cost saving there? interesting reverse of handle bars, cost driven design, your own paint work, what can you get away with?! The wheels, if you striped them down as discussed, would you consider changing the rims to offer greater tyre size / options? I hope it’s going / went well.


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