Ralphs 1st Birthday!

It was Ralphs “birthday” on Monday so we threw him a little party.
I say “birthday” because we don’t  actually know when he was born, no one does, but the vets estimated that he was born around this time so we just made it easy to remember and put his birthday on the 1st of August!


Unfortunately Ralph wasn’t too impressed with our efforts and refused to wear a hat, so I drew one on instead!

He does really enjoys chasing the string on helium balloons once the weight has been removed! You can see the extension I made so that he can still reach it when the balloon in on the ceiling, he loves pulling it around the room and the slightest breeze makes it wiggle!

You can see Ralphs other posts Here!


10 thoughts on “Ralphs 1st Birthday!

    1. I got the idea from my cousin who recently gave birth, she received a few balloons and her cat loved chasing the string attached to them. It certainly keeps them busy, especially if there is a slight breeze to keep the balloon wiggling the string!

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