Factual facts about facts

Doesn’t everyone just love a good fact?

Well here are a few facts that are commonly believed but are, in fact, incorrect!

1. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone

In actuality the telephone was invented some 15 years earlier by Philipp Reis, a German inventor. Reis’ “Reis Telephon” was first demonstrated in 1861, 14 years before Bell filed for a patent for his device.


2. A ton of feathers weighs the same as a ton of bricks

Now this is probably going to get a little pedantic, but weight is classed as the force due to a mass being acted upon by gravity. And this also depends on the fluid in which the substances are being weighed. Imagine trying the weigh the above in a swimming pool with the scales under water, the bricks would likely weight similar to what they do in air, whereas the feathers would float, meaning they would have a negative weight if attached to the scales! On the other hand if you were to specify that the masses were the same (rather than weight), you would be correct!


3. Columbus Was the First European to Discover North America

In actual fact, the first European to cross the pond was one Leif Erickson, a Viking from Scandinavia, who made the journey around 500 years before Columbus was born. The Vikings established villages in Greenland and the Canadian Coast.
Also, it is commonly believed that Columbus set sail to prove the earth was not flat (at the time it was widely known the earth was a sphere), but instead he set to prove you could sail to China by going west rather than east, he was looking for a shortcut but he ended up finding a continent in the way!


*Royalty Free Images Courtesy of Pixabay.com




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