Music Mondays: 1/8/2016

This weeks Music Monday is a long favourite song of mine which you probably haven’t heard of, and was originally fairly hard for me to find!

To set the scene, the year is 2000, a young Jake receives a trials biking VHS cassette (back before DVDs were widely spread!)  from a family member. The video was great and showed me that it was possible to perform magic on a bicycle (no internet back then for me), and it is probably the reason why I started to BMX.

Not me, I was never very good! Source



Aside from the bikes and the jumping around on them, there was the soundtrack. Now I can’t remember the name of the video and therefore can’t get hold of the soundtrack, but I will always remember that the above song was used over the final credits (mainly because it mentioned this in the credits luckily).

It took several years (and the aid of the internet) for me to be able to find the album, Death by Television, as none of my local shops stocked an album from a little-known American punk band called The Lillingtons!

Once I had the internet at my fingertips, finding things became much easier! Fast forward a few years and I have had all of their albums either shipped across from the US or downloaded on iTunes and the like. They continue to be one of my favourite bands, all because of one song and a VHS all those years ago!

Isn’t it funny how something so seeming insignificant has shaped the music I listen to all these years later!


Do you have any similar stories? Let me know in the comments below!

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