Ralph the Kitten: 20/07/2016


Just a quick update of Ralph as I’m sure you have all missed him!

He has recently learnt that us humans are easily manipulated. He has learnt that meowing can normally get him what he wants because we are soft and he is cute (he is also soft, but in a different way).

His normal requests are as follows:

  • To open the curtains so he can jump to the window sill to survey his kingdom
  • To pick him up like a baby and give him a cuddle
  • To let us know we need to wake up and show him attention, 2 continuous hours of sleep is plenty

Other than becoming more vocal he has been his usual loving self, although I think the recent hot weather has been reducing his energy levels a little as I find him lazing about more, and running about less, during the hottest parts of the day – although he makes up for this with his night-time shenanigans!

P.S. Looking back at my last post with a photo of Ralph (back in April) it’s amazing how much he has grown! I tend not to notice too much as I see him every day but seeing that photo shows how much he has matured in the last few months!

You can find the other posts about Ralph Here!


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