I’m still alive!

Hi Everyone,

Long time, no post.

Apologies for the absence, although this horrible thing called ‘real life’ catches up with you sometimes and gets in the way!

Since my last post many things have changed, I have started a new job (the main reason I have less time on my hands! Although a very exciting opportunity so I can’t complain, maybe more on this later), I also went on holiday to Scotland (Never been before, was a  wonderful place and am definitely going to return!), I finally got around to proposing to my long suffering was-girlfriend-now-fiancée, amongst other stuff.

Also I owe a big apology to the great folk over at Riddle Earth as I nabbed a few of their riddles without giving credit (naughty me), mostly found via Reddit, although that is no excuse!

Anyway, that’s enough for now, I hope to be back and posting more regularly soon, although I won’t make any promises!


Being busy and being productive are two very different things



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