Happy Saint George’s Day!

Saint George’s day is a celebration of the patron saint of England, Saint George, and is celebrated annually on 23rd April (The day of his death in 303AD).The day was popular through the Middle Ages although after the union of England and Scotland in 1707 the day declined in popularity although it has started to make a comeback in the past few years.

The legend of St. George and the Dragon is well known although many may not know that St. George was allegedly a real person, who never actually visited England. He was a roman soldier who later became an acclaimed Christian martyr. Middle Age legend also claims he fought alongside the Engine during the Crusades and the 100-Year War, although as he would have been around 1000 years old at the time I find this tale a little tall!

Source:  www.guildford-dragon.com

The day is not as popular as St. Patrick’s Day, even in England, as generally there is less acceptance for going out and getting drunk!


As an aside, 23rd of April also marks the day on which the first video was uploaded to YouTube, the date on which Cardiff City won the FA cup in 1927 (the only time it has ever been won by a team not based in England) and the first public school in the US was founded in 1635 (The Boston Latin School).


*Feature Image Royalty Free Courtesy of Pixabay.com

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