CG125 Cafe Racer Project: Part 2


image 456.jpg

I have slowly been getting work done on the CG125 project, since last time I have gotten a fair bit done, but simultaneously it feels like I haven’t got that much done, also please excuse the mess in the garage! I know it needs a tidy up!

I have stripped and repainted the front shocks, handle bars and triple clamps among various other parts. The frame is now in primer, although I have held off on painting it it’s final colour as there are some additional brackets (mainly for the seat) that need welding on which will require stripping back some of the paint.

Talking about the seat, I have managed to fabricate a seat base from 6mm plywood and have created a nice little bracket from 1.6mm steel to hold two parts of the base together while simultaneously allowing me to attach the seat to the frame by welding on some M6 threaded bar. I have yet to think about how to attach the front, it may be a hook type arrangement like the original seat or maybe threaded bar as per the rear.

Seat Base, connected with 1.6mm steel bracket with threaded bars for mounting

The engine was completely stripped down and inspected, other than a little gunk the engine was in fine shape so has gone back together with a new gasket set. The carb was also stripped and cleaned and the circlip which holds the needle was set to a richer setting to hopefully offset the free flowing intake filter and modified exhaust the bike will have, although the mixture will have to be set correctly once the bike is up and running.

gasket 1
The carb was stripped, cleaned and rebuilt, re-jetted to a richer setting too.

A new fuel tank was sourced and the mounts on the frame were re-welded to suit it, the original tank was quite bulky and angular whereas the new tank (allegedly from a Yamaha RS125) is smaller and a very nice shape, also preliminary investigation shows it should clear the lowered handle bars on full lock which is something the original tank didn’t.


This all sounds like quite a bit and has taken a while, but as the bike itself hasn’t started going back together it feels like I haven’t achieved that much!

image 457.jpg
Welded on a bracket for the ignition lock

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