Calligraphy: 15/4/2016


Thought I would upload a few words of calligraphy. I bought a fountain/ calligraphy pen set a few months back but haven’t used them much so thought I would crack them out today as I had a little spare time. 

I know I’m not very good, the spacing and sizing of the characters are off, but it’s very relaxing to do and keeps me occupied! You never know, one day I might actually be good!

The pen was the Manuscript Classic Calligraphy with the Medium/ 1.1mm nib, Red Manuscript cartridge ink and the font is based upon Kereru by Daniel Reeve (the guy who did all the maps and lettering for the Lord of the Rings movies).

I must say Manuscript are a great company, they sent me out a free replacement barrel for my pen when the original one broke, no questions asked! I just hit them up on twitter and next thing I know I have a new barrel! Thanks to their great customer service I am very likely to use them again should I want another pen or ink etc. Might even get their set and possible learn how to do calligraphy properly!

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