Taking Up Archery

After deciding at the beginning of the year I would start a new hobby, I have taken up Archery! I was always interested in archery and have tried a few ‘have a go’ type activities before and always enjoyed it. So I found my local archery club (Archers of Raunds) and signed up for their beginner’s course!

I was the oldest person on the course (I’m not very old, but most of the beginners were children), but I didn’t let that bother me and I have now completed the course and taken part in my first outdoor shoot last week. The club specializes in recurve target shooting, which I think I will continue doing, although in the future I may pick up a longbow as the simplicity has always appealed to me!

Image Courtesy of DiscoverMiddleAges.co.uk

The course consisted of 5 lots of 2-hour sessions which I think was the right amount of time to get to know what I was doing and make some decent improvements. Now I am finished with the course I have joined the club as a full member and am renting a bow from the club for the first few months.

The club recommended I rent a bow rather than buying my own as apparently my skill will increase greatly within the first few months (they are more optimistic than me!) and I may outgrow the bow if I bought one, which would obviously not be any good if I have just spent a load of money on it! Whereas they could just loan me a different bow should I wish to change, also it will prevent me making any rash or rushed decisions!

Image Courtesy of Samick

The club shoots three times a week and they only fee you need to pay is the monthly subscription to the club (GNAS membership is also required), meaning the more you shoot the better value you get, especially given you can shoot up to four times a week now it is outdoor season!

It really is a great hobby and my only regret is not joining up sooner!

See This Post for more detail about the cost of taking up Archery!


5 thoughts on “Taking Up Archery

  1. That’s a great idea from the club to let beginners rent bows. I started as a junior so probably went through equipment even faster than an adult just starting out as I was growing too! Somethings like risers, stabilisation, sights etc can be bought and kept for years… Limbs and arrows are a different story!

    Good luck with your new sport!

    PS. Pleased to see you’re not going to the Dark Side (compound bows!) but I was never sure about longbows myself!

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    1. Yeah I imagine junior archers do go through limbs quicker than most, the local archery shop also has a good deal for club members, where you can trade in limbs for different weights for free as long as they are in as-new condition! You pay a little over the odds to start with, but even if you only change them once you will have made your money back!


  2. Thank you for shaing your aricle. I shoot a recurve where most of the archers I shoot with use a compound with all the attachments. I have no intention of switching to the dark side of archery. In fact I am looking at a long bow. For me, instinctive archery is a great challenge. I hope you have great pleasure and enjoyment with your new hobby.

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  3. How interesting! I was expecting a funny pun to crop up, but you explained your new hobby perfectly. I will look out for you in the Rio Olympics…….

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