Happy Cosmonautics day!

800px-Soviet_Union-1965-Stamp-0.12._Cosmonautics_Day.jpgToday is the anniversary of the first human space flight, known by the UN as the International Day of Human Space Flight and in Russia as Cosmonautics day!

This anniversary marks 55 years since Yuri Gagarin first went into space in 1961, where he circled the earth for 1 hour 48 minutes aboard Vostok 1.

Isn’t it amazing that 55 years ago we managed to put a man in space!

Think about the sort of technology available at the time, a typical car in the UK would have been a mini or maybe a Jaguar E-Type, perhaps even a Ford Cortina, running on carburettors, ignition points and leaded fuel. The word ‘google’ wouldn’t be spoken for another 37 years, the Berlin wall would last another 28 years, Obama hadn’t been born  and Marilyn Monroe was still alive.

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun!


What is an cosmonaut’s favourite place on a computer? The space bar.

Where would an cosmonaut park his space ship? A parking meteor!

What time do cosmonauts eat? At launch time.

How do you get a baby cosmonaut to sleep? You rocket

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