Star Wars: Rogue One Teaser Trailer

As I’m a massive nerd this excited me quite a lot. I really enjoyed the first Disney Star Wars movie even though it was basically a re-hash of A New Hope. Rogue One looks to have an original (although perhaps slightly predictable) story line which could be great.

The story is based around a young rebel named Jyn and a plot to steal the plans for the newly constructed death star. This places the movie just before A New Hope, although it has been made clear that there will be little to no character overlap from any of the other movies. This means we could be in for a surprise or two as we don’t have any info on the characters and therefore we don’t know their fates, although given that the Rebels have the death star plans at the beginning of A New Hope we can assume that they are successful in their endeavors.

The movie is due out in December and will help bridge the time gap to Episode 8 which is apparently not due for release in December 2017, which is obviously too long to go without a movie to keep us occupied!


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