Quick Poll: Posting Schedule

Hey everyone,

Quick question here, how often would you like me to post? And when?
I often post one liners near enough daily, do you like this? or would you prefer a longer post once, twice a week with a selection of them or longer jokes etc.

Does posting daily annoying you with the constant updates or do you like having a quick laugh a day?  Let me know by completing the poll and/ or in the comments below!

Remember if you don’t give your opinion there won’t be any changes! (if you want it to change that is)

4 thoughts on “Quick Poll: Posting Schedule

  1. I don’t know what all the fuss about supposedly posting too much is – I have noticed that some bloggers feel criticised when they post “too much”. I surely won’t complain if you post thirty times a day. I follow a blog so that I could read it, right 🙂

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