Oi You, reading your emails!

Yes I’m talking to you, you are smart enough to have clicked subscribe on my blog so that each and every new posts gets delivered to your pocket/ desk via the magic of email, but did you know you can also subscribe via WordPress so I show up in your Reader?

I normally wouldn’t shamelessly ask people to follow me, but I discovered the other day that I have a lot more readers subscribed via email than via WordPress, yet the majority of my traffic comes via the Reader, probably because if you are on the WordPress site you are far more inclined to read posts then if you are just checking your emails.

So I thought I would send a little message out to you to ask you to please subscribe via WordPress as well, I guessed as you are following via email you probably want to see (at least some of) my posts. You can find the Follow option for WordPress in a few spaces; see the images below for the various options.

And a massive thank you for subscribing via email and/or WordPress!



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