Ralph the Kitten: Cat Nav

We went for a long drive to see my family and Ralph came with us, luckily we could use his keen sense of direction as a new Cat Nav, the latest in mouse finding technology. All was going well until he lead us up a lane after a red dot…


Of course we didn’t really drive with him up on the dash! We just let him out to have a wonder around the car while we were at the services so he could have a stretch and a wonder around.

Ralph constantly amazes me with his ability to endure long drives, he didn’t make so much as a squeak the whole way home, simply curled up and chilled out. Which amazes me as the drive was around 5 hours and I know I wouldn’t be happy to be in a box for that long!

Although we have found by letting him sleep in his travel box at home and letting him look around the car has increased his tolerance to travelling greatly as he feel comfortable, when we first got him he cried all the way home but now he doesn’t even flinch when we put him in his box!


8 thoughts on “Ralph the Kitten: Cat Nav

  1. That’s awesome! My cats have moved all over the US with me. We have had a few cross country trips and everyone does well. I normally put harnesses on them about a week before we leave so they know its coming. I hide a litter box in the floor of the back seat. and we start cruising. Normally they take turns chilling on my lap. Much fun!!!!

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  2. Reblogged this on Keeping Myself Busy and commented:
    That is so clever! I bet that letting him sleep in his carrier has changed his perspective about it. I have tried that with my cats and it didn’t work.
    Recently my husband and I traveled cross country with our two cats, and even though they aren’t as adapted as Ralph, they did really well.

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