My Classic Mini

I realised the other day that I haven’t actually done a post about my mini, although it has been mentioned in quite a few posts, so I’m here to right my wrongs and talk about it.



I first saw this fine specimen of British engineering while travelling to my partners house one day, and I took notice because I was in the market for a car having recently scrapped my Ford Fiesta.
Having no knowledge of minis whatsoever I phoned the guy selling it and went for a test drive, I was smitten. I bought it.
Looking back this could have been the best choice I ever made or the worst mistake, I’m still not sure!309214_10150379240565491_1118886206_n

The car was grotty around the edges with a reasonable amount of rust and a mildly burnt rear seat, but the price was fair and I really liked it so I bought it. There is a saying that you should never buy the first car you look at, as you have nothing to judge it against, yeah I didn’t listen. Luckily the car was very reliable and was my only mode of transportation through my time at university, a proper student car.



The car taught me a lot, well owning it and having no money forced me to learn a lot! Luckily there is a lot of support for classic minis online, mainly The Mini Forum although I also often frequented Turbo Minis if more technical knowledge was required, alongside this there are several large companies who stock every part you would need for minis.
This, coupled with the fact that minis are very simple meant that I learnt a lot about physically working on cars from my mini, a skill the has been very useful in the following years. The car evolved over the years, wide arches and even wider wheels came along (in 10″ diameter rather than the standard 12″).


So the mini soldiered through university with me and everyone loved it, but time was taking it’s toll on the lovable little car, the rust was progressing. Not having a garage or anywhere to work on the car and years of rain and road salt didn’t help and once I finished University a decision was made, the mini would be restored! I got a house with a (very small, but suitably sized for a mini) garage and the only problem to this plan being that I spend too long at work to be able to spend any decent time on the mini!
But progress is being made, albeit slowly, and one day the mini will see the road again in it’s former glory!

11257745_10153286048805491_7022424597796488599_n (1).jpg


I thought I would also add a list of commonly heard things while owning a mini:

How old is it?

I remember being driven to school in one of those

They don’t make them like they used to

Lovely little car, you don’t see as many nowadays

I had one of those when I was younger

Normally followed by:

Shame I had to get rid of it because of the rust


4 thoughts on “My Classic Mini

  1. Jake, When someone says”What kind of car was it?” I say, “red”. Don’t give up on your riddles and one-liners for us fans. I need my daily fix. BTW, what did you think of the riddle i sent you a while ago? Meow to Ralph from Buddy.

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    1. It’s funny you should mention the one liners and riddles, I was planning on changing to a weekly format rather than daily (with say, 5 in a single post rather than 1 a day) as it would be a bit easier for me to schedule, what is your opinion on this?


      1. I liked having one a day but I also know how difficult it is and time consuming doing a post a day. Blogging can take over your life with coming up with ideas, writing the posts, commenting and responding to comments, reading other bloggers’ posts. I guess really it’s whatever fits into your life, isn’t it. Whatever you decide I’m sure i will continue to enjoy your blog.

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  2. Hope you’ll keep the Mini and keep working on it. Your story reminds me of all the old cars my father used to buy and tinker with. Good luck! Came across your blog on the WordPress Commenting boot camp, FYI. 😊

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