CG125 Cafe Racer Project: Part 1

So, me being me and easily getting bored, I have started another project.

I was having a chat to a friend at work who also has a classic mini in need of restoration, and we decided that rather than continuing with our current projects that we should build a motorcycle instead!maxresdefault

One tense ebay auction later and this was ours, a tatty old 1989 Honda CG125. We went and picked it up in the back of my Civic (now known as Big Honda).


We didn’t mess about, within an hour or so of getting the bike back we had stripped the majority of the parts off it, surprising what good condition the nuts and bolts on this 27 year old bike were, given its older than my mini but far less hassle!


We want to modify this bike to have a minimalist ‘cafe racer‘ style that was popularised back in the swinging 60s by Rockers, who modified their bikes to be the fastest possible for races between roadside cafes. Obviously the venerable CG125 is no racer, just a time honoured commuter bike,  but this bike is Form over Function. For this purpose the bike ticked all the right boxes: air-cooled engine, minimal electronics, spoked wheels.20160304_150804

There is a set budget for this build as well, to ensure we don’t get carried away and to force us to use our ingeinuity rather than just buying parts in, but I won’t disclose the budget until the project is finished lest we move the goal posts!

We have done some modifications to the frame, namely chopping the rear of the frame and replacing with a hoop (which incidentally is the center stand that has been re-purposed to save some cash).20160304_150827

That’s all for now, but here are a few images that we are using for inspiration for our finished bike.




5 thoughts on “CG125 Cafe Racer Project: Part 1

  1. Man my CG hated me! First bike everyone told me to buy a £500 CG, pass test and sell it for the same. Chuffing thing cost me a fortune and fell apart while I rode it haha!

    Good luck on the project! 🙂

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