Ralph the kitten: Hates eye drops.

Ralph went to the vets the other weekend for his second set of vaccinations and the last ones for the next year. While there, the vets noticed that he was showing slight signs of conjunctivitis and they have given us eye drops to give to him twice daily for around a week or so.

This is a problem.


Ralph does not like having eye drops administered! Seriously, he hates it.
The problem is he is getting bigger and stronger by the day and it’s quite difficult to hold him still enough to apply them! Following the advice from a friend I have started wrapping him in a towel to try and contain his sharp claws, but it doesn’t help too much!

He has also wised up to our plan of using treats to tempt him over and he is well aware of when we are going to give him eye drops and avoids us as best he can! Although, on the up side, his eye has cleared up over the last two days!

Have any of your cats needed medicating and not enjoyed it? How did you get on? Let me know in the comments!


14 thoughts on “Ralph the kitten: Hates eye drops.

  1. Good luck with the eyedrops! Ralph is a gorgeous kitty ❤ I had the same problem with my cat and eyedrops, but luckily, she's phlegmatic, so she got used to the treatment quite soon. What worked for me was to kneel down, put the cat on my lap – my legs – and hold her on her back. She wriggled less when she was on her back. I always gave her treats after administering the medication and I think she hated it less because of that.

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  2. Hi Jake, Buddy and i just had an idea. Would Ralph the kItten like to do a guest post on Foster Cat Chats. Every Thursday is Guest Post Thursday and you can see examples on Buddy’s blog. it doesn’t have to be long and photos are great. What do you think? Buddy says Meow to Ralph.

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