Ralph the Kitten: Loves to sleep

Ralph really does love to sleep! While we were home over the Christmas break he was probably sleeping 15 hours a day!


I wish I was allowed to sleep for 15 hours a day! Although as a kitten I guess he needs all the sleep he can get, and he was certainly active while he was awake!

He is getting noticeably stronger and braver as he grows, areas he wouldn’t have dreamed about reaching a few weeks ago are now easily within jumping distance, and as he grows we have to find new places to hide his treats!

It’s really nice to see him coming out of his shell, from a shy and weak rescue kitten into the lovely active boy he is now, and I hope he keeps progressing the way he is now. His weight has increased from 1.3kg to 2kg in less than 4 weeks with us which really is a good improvement!


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