Weekly Limerick Poetry Challenge – Surprise

This weeks Weekly Limerick Challenge  word is ‘Surprise’ and you can imagine my surprise after getting joint third place in last weeks challenge (‘Winter’)!
I thought as it is Christmas week to put a little Yuletide spin on this weeks limerick, which you can see below!

Christmas day is full of surprise,
Family stories we rhapsodise.
Spirits do lift,
As we open the gift,
But Christmas love is the true prize

*Royalty Free Image Courtesy of Pixabay.com


7 thoughts on “Weekly Limerick Poetry Challenge – Surprise

    1. 1. It’s poor commenting etiquette to comment purely for the sake of publicising your own blog.
      2. You haven’t left an actual link to your blog.
      3. You should change your profile to use the dragonflightforever blog rather than the pathorwords if you want people to use that one (neither of which actualyl have any content)


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