Ralph the Kitten now owns the bed!

Ralph has gotten big and strong enough to be able to climb onto our fairly tall bed, and this is now his favourite place to sleep (to be fair it’s my favourite place too!). The problem is he’s too cute to remove!


I don’t know what it is with pets, they never seem to want what you get them and go for everything else in the house instead! Like preferring your food to their own, preferring to scratch furniture or the carpet to their scratching posts etc.
Oh well, Ralph has been very well behaved so far and hasn’t scratched anything, so I will let him have the bed for now!

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6 thoughts on “Ralph the Kitten now owns the bed!

  1. Ralph is sweet. From one cat person to another, don’t bother getting him too many toys. If he’s anything like my cat, he’ll ignore them and play with your things instead. (I’m typing this while my cat chews the blinds, ignoring her toys 😉 )

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