Ralph the kitten has a castle!

Ralph, our new rescue kitten is truly regal, so I thought it only fair that I create a home befitting of a king!


He’s been with us for nearly a week now and he’s settling in marvelously! He’s been recovering from an illness but is now back in full health and is full of energy, he has finally mastered the foul beast known as ‘Stairs’ and is no longer afraid of falling.
His drawbridge happens to be one of his favorite places to sit and survey his kingdom so I’m glad the (small amount of) effort that went into the castle is not being wasted.
I think I will upgrade his castle the other side of Christmas when we no doubt have more empty boxes going spare!

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6 thoughts on “Ralph the kitten has a castle!

  1. And I can see he’s defending his castle well! Although I’m also sure that he’d let anyone in as long as they’d give him a few pets (: That’s a neat little DIY. I’ll make one for my kitty Curie soon.

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  2. Not sure if you know this, but when a cat falls, it will always land on its feet. Don’t know how or why, but remember reading it in those “facts that will amaze you” type lists. Just thought i should share it with the Riddle Man! I like calling you that đŸ˜€ Hope you don’t mind.
    Nice castle!

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