Monthly Write-a-Story: One Line at a Time! 15/12/2015

As part of the Blogging 201: Branding and Growth challenge I have been asked to produce a recurrent blogging event!
I have decided to go for a lighthearted Write-A-Story (One line at a time), where people comment the next line of the story and see where we end up! Kind of like the game you play as kids where you fold over the top of the paper and pass it on.

I will start with the first line and people can comment what they want to add, and then I can edit it all together into a single post when we are done!



Once upon a time, there lived a man called James and his wife Jane.
James farmed dragons while Jane baked cakes and biscuits.
But as James didn’t like Jane’s biscuits that much, he fed them to the dragons instead.
The dragons then had a sugar high and nearly destroyed all the land. The biscuits, though regular biscuits, had a unique reaction when mixed with dragon saliva.
Seeing the mess he began, James fashioned tools of dragon warfare and set about ridding the land of the dragons’ vengeance. A fearless knight appeared with his formidable horse. But he found it hard to succeed, there was no winning against this beast. What could he do?
“Alas,” he cried “I must use my cunning to conjure a plan to outwit this fearful creature!” Then the knight thought of the winsome kitchen wench back at his lord’s castle. She was known for her magical waffles, tasty yet treacherous and she had given him a couple of cupcakes for his saddle bag when he set out on his adventure.
While eating the cake he thought, “Maybe the very pastries that caused this devastation could be used to stop the dragon!”
He knew the secret effects of the cupcakes and tried hard to resist the delicious treats.
He couldn’t.
He ate them, all of them, and forgot about the dragons laying waste all around him.
And there he was, under the fiery breath of the dragon, with nothing left but his sword and his grandma’s blessing.



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