Writing 101: Poetry – Day 4

Good day to you fine people,

Day 4 of the Writing 101: Poetry is here and ‘Seconds’  is today’s word. It it a sign that I eat too much if my first thought was going back for seconds at dinner rather than the unit of time?
Anyway, see below for today’s entry, enjoy.

Day 4 – Seconds

By a second he missed that train,
A second delay in the rain.
Again he was late,
But she did not wait,
That second has caused so much pain.


This poem resonates with me as I hate to be late, I see it as a very disrespectful thing to do, basically for the reasons outlines in this article. This poem describes someone who is constantly late for arrangements with their significant other, who one day decides enough is enough and no longer waits, and rightly so. Showing up late shows that you do not value the time of others and is one of my pet peeves.

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*Feature Image Courtesy of Pixabay.com


2 thoughts on “Writing 101: Poetry – Day 4

  1. That’s what I finally chose to write about, actually – seconds of something 😀 I love your piece. Some people are just perpetually late for appointments. It’s sad when you have to go separate ways because of it, though… I hope there is a way to get it sorted out 🙂


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