Daily Riddle: 10/12/2015

You meet a scientist who has invented some blue pills and red pills. If 1 of each is eaten together they will grant immortality.
He gives you 2 red and 2 blue pills just in case you lose one of them.
He also warns you that an overdose on any or both colours will cause the opposite effect and kill you instead.
You put the pills in your pocket and leave for home.
On the way home, you are abducted by aliens who blindfold you and throw you into a black hole.
At this point, you remember the pills the scientist gave you.
You take them out (you can move and have enough oxygen in space for a short time), but realize that you can’t tell the red pill from the blue pill.
Even if you take off your blindfold, you can’t see anything due to your proximity to the black hole.
Given the circumstances, how do you successfully acquire immortality and survive?

[See next page for answer]

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