Lord of the Rings Parchment Map

I recently bought the Lord of the Rings parchment map for my office wall. It arrived at the weekend and I must say I am quite impressed, especially for the price!


The item was bought from Amazon for the princely sum of £4.00, included free delivery, although the delivery did take nearly 2 weeks!

The item itself is approximately A2 size and made from proper parchment rather than paper. The parchment is quite thin and does allow light through, but as long as it is on a single colour background this shouldn’t be an issue.

After seeing how nice this item is I think I will invest in a frame to prevent damage and also just because it will make it look a little more professional rather than just sticking it to the wall with blu-tack .

I think my next poster/ map investment may be a map of Westeros!


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